The profession of lawyer in Australia is part of the Skilled Occupation List, which is the list of professions required in Australia.

Like other professions of this kind, the most difficult part is to have your Italian university path recognized in Australia and have a very high level of English: to be a good lawyer it is essential to have an excellent dialectic.

In any case, our Italian degree alone (three-year or specialist) is not enough to work as a lawyer in Australia : we will certainly need to integrate university exams in Australia to bridge the differences between Italian and Australian legislation.

If you are already a graduate, you can evaluate two ways:

Bachelor of Law – requesting a credit recognition, thus shortening your course;
Juris Doctor – a postgraduate course useful for those who want to work in Australia in forensics. The standard duration is 3 years but with a complete application description of the subjects studied with us, you will surely receive recognized credits and from 3, you can decrease the number of years to 2.

Remember that the level of English required to study law in Australia is very high: IELTS 7 or 7.5.

Our recommendations are:

understand your real starting level (contact us to place a placement test); define together the duration of the English course based on the objective; attend an IELTS preparation course in Australia.
Having already had work experience in Australia, with relevant references, will surely help.

If you are a professional with years of experience behind you, but less than 35 years of age, we advise you to consider the idea of ​​an Independent Skilled visa in order to work as a lawyer in Australia .

If you are young law graduates wishing to work in Australia, it will be impossible to do it right away but, with a little patience and commitment, you will succeed in achieving your goals:

study English and get an IELTS certificate of at least 7.0.
apply to a Juris Doctor course (the best ones are offered by the University of Sydney,

The famous LLM or Master of Laws are excellent courses that will allow you to specialize in a specific area, but they are not very useful for visa purposes: if you study at least two years at an Australian university, you can request a Post Study Work Visa , a visa which will allow you to stay another two years in Australia and look for a full time job in your sector with a university degree obtained in Australia.

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