Becoming a divorce lawyer in Australia is a desire of many, in fact the average salary of a professional can reach up to 100 thousand Australian dollars . But the path to actually working is rather difficult.

Certainly the study does not scare a law graduate, accustomed to spending hours on books, trying to learn and understand various rules of our judicial system.

But before considering moving abroad, dreaming of stellar salaries, we need to do some reasoning.

The judicial systems, in fact, are not all the same, and by choosing another state, especially outside the EU, the rules could be very different. It will therefore be necessary to take other courses and obtain further certifications.

It is also true, however, that once the degree is obtained, even in Italy the course is not finished, on the contrary it begins the obligation of the apprenticeship and in the end you must take the qualifying exam.

The only difference, quite relevant, concerns the possibilities of getting your career off the ground , and of having very respectable earnings. In Italy the situation is certainly not the best, and after years of sacrifice the results do not come immediately, indeed.

The young lawyers trudge a lot during the first years of their career, also due to the strong competition present. According to statistics only a career lawyer matures enough to earn enough, even if he never reaches the levels of his Australian colleagues.

In any case, let’s try to understand what needs to be done to be able to complete their training and become a divorce lawyer in Australia, and what are the opportunities for professionals who have already gained experience in Italy and who wish to move.

Become a divorce lawyer in Australia: the English language

To some it will seem obvious, but a divorce lawyer must first of all have a good dialectic , therefore, before leaving it is advised to attend an English language course.

It is necessary to consider that in Australia a very high level of English is required , to study law, in particular the IELTS 7 or 7.5 exam .

The IELTS is a test created specifically to be able to work or study in English-speaking countries. It is recognized in many states, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and South Africa. It is useful to be admitted to university courses but also to enter a non-European country, like immigrants.

A score of 7 means mastering the language, and being able to formulate and understand a complex and detailed language.

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