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We treat our clients like our family and our sole purpose is to get them through the best possible solution. We do this by understanding their values and deliver solutions in the world’s major economies as well as newly opening markets. Our clients range from FTSE 300 companies, to large charitable organizations and some small local businesses who are striving to expand. So contact us right now as we are only right legal firm.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Law Firm in Gold Coast

Whether you are looking for a law firm to help you with a business transaction or need a lawyer to help you with a criminal case, you should be aware of some important factors. Those factors include the size of the law firm, the office space standards, and whether it is a large firm or boutique firm. In addition, you should consider the partnership models and how well the firm works with other firms.

Large vs. boutique

Compared to a large firm, a boutique law firm is more specialized and nimble. Boutiques are usually smaller firms with less than 20 attorneys. They specialize in a particular area of law, such as patent law, litigation, or tax law.

Boutiques often use referral systems to gain clients. Their clients are also more likely to get personalised attention.

Boutiques are more nimble, which means they can offer clients more personalized services, like customized fee structures. They can also slash time spent on administrative tasks.

Boutiques are also more selective, which means they will take on a limited number of clients. This means clients get personalized attention and aren’t just passed off to lower level attorneys mid-case.

Boutiques can also introduce innovative fee structures, like having a senior attorney sign off on the final product. Boutiques are also able to introduce the right tech tools for lawyers, such as legal document management systems.

Changing office space standards for law firms has been a trend for the past two decades. Law firms have cut their square foot per attorney ratio. Now the average office size for an attorney is less than 700 square feet. However, most firms still do not follow the newer space standards.

The standard office size for an attorney used to be 800 square feet. This was directly related to the status of the firm. But today, a law firm does not need a large office to be successful. Instead, it needs a variety of space sizes to meet the needs of its attorneys.

Attorneys at law firms need private offices and a variety of meeting rooms for client-facing events. Additionally, they may need conference rooms, lunch rooms and open workstations.

Working well with others

Fortunately, many law firms have opted to make it a bit less painful by building a supportive culture. The aforementioned perks of working in a law firm include a friendly office environment, a work-from-home culture and the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the firm’s success. Despite these benefits, lawyers still need to do their part to ensure their own personal well-being. As such, the requisite trifecta of legal professionals may not be a perfect match. The best way to ensure a smoother ride is to ensure that each member of the family is well-informed about their respective roles and responsibilities. One way to accomplish this is to hold a weekly conference call with each member to discuss the firm’s future goals and challenges.


Increasingly, the sustainability of law firms is becoming an issue of debate. Some say it’s simply the revolving door effect, as some former Am Law 200 firms merge into larger firms, while others have a bullish view, pointing to the increased competition from the Big Four. The issue, however, isn’t just a matter of competition; it’s about creating a healthy work-life balance for employees and cutting down on environmental impact.

One of the most prominent sustainability issues for the legal industry is outdated business models. Most firms are still relying on old operational models, and this affects their ability to operate. These models consume excess resources, require a surplus to continue operations, and negatively impact the environment. Changing conditions call for new business models.

When you are looking for lawyers to represent your interest, choose Gold Coast lawyers that get results.

What are the benefits of hiring professionals for phone repairs in Brisbane?

Almost everyone in Brisbane owns a mobile phone. When buying a phone, nobody ever expects that they can have any problems with their phones. However, they are not made to last forever which means that one time your mobile phone may develop some problems. Whenever your phone begins to experience some problems, you may want to have it checked and repaired before the problem worsens. Therefore, you will have to hire a mobile phone repair expert. Most people tend to think that they should hire just anyone who offers phone repair services in Brisbane but this should not be the case with your phone.

Should I hire phone repair professionals in Brisbane?

You might think that the problem your phone is having is a small issue that can be fixed by anyone despite their competency level. However, you are wrong. Your phone deserves to be repaired by a professional even if you will incur some extra coins when you hire them.  Fortunately, when you hire a professional for phone repair services, you get to benefit in several ways that include:

  •  They offer high-quality phone repair services

Whenever you discover that there are issues with your phone, you must never underestimate the problem your phone may be experiencing. They may seem small but may be complicated.  For the problems to be fixed permanently, you need to look for a professional phone repairer. This is because they offer you high-quality phone repair services whenever you hire them.

  • They are experts

Professionals in phone repairs usually have the skills and knowledge that are required for repairing different phone problems. therefore no matter the kind of problem your phone is experiencing, they can always handle it. They have also been offering phone repair services for a long time which means they have handled many phones that had the same problems as yours. This helps them have the ability to fix your problems without any complications.

  • It’s convenient and safe

Whenever your phone is getting repaired, it can be damaged further if the person repairing is not competent. This could lead to permanent problems that cannot be fixed. For the safety of your phone and your convenience, you should hire somebody who has skills and expertise in phone repair.

  • Helps save money

The other reason for hiring professionals  for phone repair is to save money. When you fail to hire a professional for phone repair, your phone might get damaged further and thus will cost you more to get it repaired aguan. Also, only professionals are capable of diagnosing and fixing the problem of your phone completely, meaning that you do not have to keep on paying for the same phone repair services every time.

  • It gives you the peace of mind

Whenever you know that your phone is being handled by an incompetent persion, you are always stressed up all the time. This is because you keep on wondering what could happen to your phone especially if you are away. However, with a professional, you always know that your phone is in the right hand and this gives you peace of mind.

Whenever your phone develops any problems that require to be repaired always remember to bring your phone to the expert technicians at PTC Phone Repairs. You can be assured that they will do a great job of restoring your broken mobile phone.

Factors that determine the cost of hiring a Melbourne commercial litigation lawyer

Businesses are always finding themselves at risk every now and then, especially if there are any legal actions involved.  If you are unable to reach out to the commercial litigation lawyers in Melbourne who can help you out at such times, your business may fail.  This does not matter whether your business is small or large. The odds of failing are high whenever you do not have a lawyer practicing commercial litigation law. When people are looking for practitioners of commercial litigation law, there are so many factors that they are asked to consider so that they may have the right lawyers at their disposal.


One of the conflicting factors is the costs of the services that these lawyers will be offering.  Due to this factor, there are people who will want to hire lawyers who will offer them the services they need at a lower price, while others will want to hire those that are charging them the highest prices for their services. 

When deciding on the costs of services that the commercial litigation lawyers will charge you, they have certain factors in mind. Therefore, you have to ensure that you think about these factors to ensure that you do not make the wrong decision just because you want to save some coins. The following are some of the factors that your commercial litigation attorney considers before they charge you for the services they are offering you. Make sure that you do the math before you decide on the amount of money you will be paying your lawyer for the services you get.


The first factor that will determine the cost of services you get from your commercial litigation attorney is the level of experience that the lawyer has. Unlike other types of law, the attorneys’ level of experience practicing commercial litigation law is not measured by the number of years that the attorney has been practicing law. Therefore you may find a lawyer who has been in the field for a shorter time but has more experience than one who has been in the field for a longer time.

If the lawyer has more experience, they are likely to pursue your case and make your win over the parties involved.  For this reason, this lawyer is likely to charge you more than a lawyer whose level of experience is lower.


The location of the lawyer practicing commercial litigation law or law firm is another factor that will determine the costs of the service you get from your commercial litigation lawyers.  There are locations where the living standards are higher than in other locations. Therefore the charges of the lawyers in these two situations are quite different. In areas where the living standards are high, the charges for commercial litigation law services are higher.  Also, the services of the lawyers who are located in rural areas have different costs of services as compared to the lawyers in the urban areas.

The reputation of the law firm

When you are selecting the commercial litigation lawyers, you have to ensure that you check on the type of law firms where the lawyers are coming from.  Is the firm reputable or not?  The reputation of the law firms you are selecting will determine the quality of services you will get from your lawyer. Therefore, the more reputable the law firm where the commercial litigation lawyers Melbourne, the more the costs of services you pay.

Reasons to get business advice from experts

There are situations where business owners in Rockhampton are unable to manage their business without the help of others. Not because they can’t do it, but because they want to hear from others about it. In the meantime, business owners turn to business consultants. However, there are those who are reluctant to hire business consultants because they think it is too expensive. There are a lot of checks and balances on the business, regardless of the size of your business. Here are several benefits of looking for business advice in Rockhampton.

It saves money and time

One benefit of hiring business consultants is to save money and time in many ways. For example, when it comes to managing your finances, hiring a mentor will help you manage your finances. It will save you extra money. Second, when it comes to filing your financial reports, your marketing consultant will fill out a form on your behalf, saving you time. Even if you have to pay a counselor, at the end of the day, there are a lot of checks.

A business professional will help you make the right decision

You need to make a number of decisions for your business, and sometimes, making decisions can be a huge stress. If you make such decisions, you may end up making a decision that could lead to the downfall of your business. To avoid this, it would be a good idea to call a business consultant. They will offer you business advice that will help you to make the right decision.

You get advice from people with work experience

To be a business consultant, you must have some business knowledge. Business consultants can have many ideas that you may not know as a business owner. So, when you hire a business consultant, you have access to a lot of information that they have learned while working in their field.

A business consultant can help you organise your business

It may be that the business consultant you hired has done the same work. No business consultant can reach this level without business success. Their success comes from good planning and other factors necessary for any business. An advisor will help you, so you have someone to help you and organise your business.

Financial management assistance

Some entrepreneurs have a huge challenge in managing their financial systems and businesses. As a result, you will find that instead of making a profit, business owners lose a lot. A business consultant is one of the most influential people to help you manage your finances and thus increase profits and reduce losses.

They are business partners

Another advantage of looking for a business consultant is that you have a good chance of finding a good partner. Once you are confident in your teacher, it is part of your job as long as you want it. For this reason, this link is always. If you have any questions or concerns, you can consult your business consultant because he or she is your business partner.

They bring experience

You need to keep in mind that your business advisor is focused on providing business advice. They know what to do and what not to do. For this reason, chasing business leaders allows you to become an expert in any business you do.

The best business advice you will probably get is to hire an accountant. Talk to Kennas Accounting services so that they can help you in managing your finances.


Words may sometimes manipulate our thoughts and feelings, especially when it involves our personal security and safety, or in this case, the capacity to understand legal terms that are synonymous in nature. In ordinary understanding, the term solicitor may mean a person or individual whose task or job is to ask or request for anything that is needed or important.

For clarification purposes, a solicitor is defined as someone who practises law under special policies and regulations. However, his or her jurisdiction is somehow “limited” or “regulated’ in nature. A solicitor is allowed to present himself in a court of law as a counsel to either a plaintiff or a defendant, provided that one must possess a credible certificate to practise such profession and that the practising lawyer is duly authorised and recognised by the state to possess qualifications that are by nature legally-defined.

A solicitor as distinguished from a lawyer and a barrister

These three renowned legal professions all work for the common good, and each of these respected individuals performs similar duties and responsibilities as defined by law. The only remedy for the distinction is whether or not they took up different specialisations while still enrolled in a law school or enlisted in major subjects to earn continuing education in Masters or Doctoral Degrees.

A lawyer or attorney

As mentioned earlier, a solicitor is also a lawyer. As an attorney or legal counsel, he is considered as a public servant and an advocate. Serving the people means giving him no right to refuse those who are in need of legal advice, assistance and any other remedies as constituted and allowed by law.

Have you ever wondered what an advocate means? Advocacy calls for favouring what is good and beneficial in order to meet and satisfy the needs of the greater good. A concrete example would be an environmental advocate who fights and argues in court in order to impose greater and stiffer penalties to polluters, poachers and illegal loggers.

A barrister

This person is someone who has  jurisdiction under common law and practises. Like the attorney, he also specialises in different types of litigation and using his sound judgment, also exercises and expresses advocacy in the courtroom. He also represents a client in lower courts, in a tribunal court and to the point of defending him in higher courts if necessary.

The solicitor

Some of his related work includes:

  • Writing a draft on legal pleadings – In a particular preliminary hearing, for example in a criminal case, the legal counsel would normally coach the accused to declare “not guilty” when asked by the presiding judge the question: “How do you plead? This means that guilt or innocence should be tried or proven first before a resident judge could give the final judgment or verdict.
  • Prayer and petition – These terms are also considered as examples of pleadings. In layman’s terms, it is a “request” or a “legal favour” that is still subject for debate and caucus. Examples are: Prayer for a review on an issued cease and desist orderinvolving an alleged illegal activity and Petition for bailjustifying that the offence or violation committed is bailable and is classified as a non-heinous crime.
  •  Doing research on philosophy in order to argue or refute the opponents’ arguments
  •  Creating educated assumptions or guesses to establish guilt or innocence
  •  Reviewing history to link gaps and establishing loopholes in rendering verdicts
  •  Giving or extending legal advice to guide clients what to say and do in court

Stone Group law firm in Gold Coast can give you reliable and professional legal support and advice.

Blogging and SEO

Blogs are avenues that web marketers use to promote their brands and businesses online. Blogging has proven effective over the past years owing to its affordable cost and ease of use. Website owners have, for some time, now posed the question, does blogging really help or support the growth of Search Engine Optimisation? The answer is yes, but when used in the right way. You can now generate more traffic and even improve your search engine rankings on SERPS today by blogging, unlike when one had to use their websites. Here are a few tips for SEO for bloggers.

How to Do SEO Blogging for Your Site Today

Invest in rich, unique and catchy content

Blogs, as already established, are meant for public consumption. Before posting anything on your blog, ensure that it meets the quality required by your target audience. Give an informative article that is catchy and in the tone that the crowd best understands. You can write this content yourself or hire an expert to handle this for you.

Keywords usage is also vital

The terms search engine users use to look for stuff online are called keywords. Do the research and ascertain what keywords are the hottest and at what durations. Proper keywords usage has a positive effect on how you appear on search engine results pages and besides improves your rankings on search engines.

Increase popularity through internal and external links

This is another instrumental technique that one can use to get more traffic on their sites today. Having created unique content encourages people to share widely on social media and other online platforms. Through internal linking you make the search engine user have an easy time navigating your site as they look for information. Alternatively, external linking is where you have other bloggers or websites post your links on their websites for their traffic to follow in case they need more information on whatever brand it is you are dealing with.

Develop Your Local Search Engine Optimisation Using the Following Hacks

Businesses online today struggle to understand the right SEO techniques and which practices to use in order to amplify their earnings and performance. In order to generate enough local command, a business today should consider the following tricks just to stay on top of the competition at any time.

Seek reviews from clients

Whenever a transaction is complete, the consumer will not mind leaving a review or rating based on customer service. Take advantage of this avenue and ask your clients to give you good reviews or 5-star ratings. Positive feedback helps you build a solid business image besides attracting more clients to your business.

Your site should be mobile friendly

There are now more mobile phone users than computer users relying on the internet to do their shopping. By ignoring to make your site mobile friendly, you jeopardise your marketing techniques and even lose potential clients. Why not make your site mobile responsive today and gain from the increased sales and performance?

Research your local keywords

There are always local terms that people in a certain region will use to do their searches online. Find out what your competitors are using combined with your own predictions to create an efficient keyword list for use. Proper keywords usage will help you emerge top of search engine results pages.

SEO Agency

Service offerings of an SEO agency include search engine optimisation for businesses. This boosts the online presence of a business. The procedures involved in changing your website content or design and making it more attractive is called Search Engine Optimisation.

Your site is likely to get first-page ranking on search engine results if your site is well optimised. These search engines include Google and the likes. The results of this search are phrases and keywords related to your service or product.

SEO companies are beneficial to any business because of their experience and provision in giving businesses a good ranking on search engines. SEO professionals are grounded in ways to generate more traffic for your site on Yahoo, Google, Bing and other search Engines.

Experts are employed in various specialisations of search engine optimisation. As professionals, they provide multiple services which include site auditing, Implementation of search tactics and creating specific SEO strategies. These tools help your business actualise its goals.

A right SEO agency handles your business like their own. This implies that the agency handles the decision-making process of your site’s SEO and related procedures. This is done to expand return on investment and guide your business to reaching its objectives.

To ensure you maximise your SEO services, the company will view your site from all angles. This is to give you the best services.

Benefits of Using an SEO Agency

The benefits of hiring the services of SEO experts helps optimise your site for search engines. Here are three ways an SEO company can improve the growth of your business:

An SEO company can boost your rankings on search engines

The services of a qualified SEO company helps your business website get high ranks on search engines. With relevant and advanced tools and strategies, an SEO company can be well on their way to improving your website.

They will assist you with appropriate keywords to bring buyers to your site. Also, they ensure your site structure is enhanced for search engine crawling. The higher your content ranks for relevant keywords, the more your chances of getting new leads.

They help improve the quality of website traffic

Besides improving your site’s ranking on search engines, SEO agencies also boost traffic quality to your website. Take a Look at it from this perspective. The relevance of your site’s traffic is measured by keywords and phrases related to your product or service.

As organic traffic is generated to your site, your chances of affecting conversions increases. Reason being that the people visiting your website are those who have an interest in your company. A good percentage of search conversions are from clicks on the first page of search results. Therefore, an efficient SEO strategy will generate more traffic.

SEO companies give quality results

Another method SEO companies help a business grow is by giving significant results. In contrast with regular marketing tactics, SEO can be measured and quantified. Enquire a monthly analytic report of your SEO campaign from your SEO agency. This helps you better understand the effects of SEO services and the value they add to your business.

Ensure provisions for a detailed breakdown of SEO campaigns are made when working with an SEO company. This is an effective way to ensure you get a good return on investment. These analytics include search engine positions, traffic volumes, sources and lots more.

What are SEO Services?

SEO services are the services involved in page optimisation. An SEO agency performs them for their clients to get high rankings in the search engines results page (SERPs).

These services include effecting changes on search engines for a client to enable high rankings for specific keywords.

How do you Know a Good Accountant in Hervey Bay?

The truth remains that accounting is one of the most coveted professions across the globe. Most people are still specialising in it because of the many benefits it brings along with Besides, good salary, and other packs, the job is readily available.

But when you are looking for an accountant in Hervey Bay, it has never been an easy job. This is because not every accountant in the stream matches the needs of your company. However, there are general traits that make a good accountant, whether in Hervey or across the globe.

In this article, we are going to closely examine some of the qualities that will help you identify a good accountant from the wrong one. So how do you know a good accountant in Hervey Bay?

They are excellent time managers

Did you know that you need to incorporate an accountant in your organisation’s decision-making process? Accountants in Hervey Bay or anywhere else are nowadays playing major roles in contributing to the schedules and growth of companies and organisations. Since they have several tasks, they need to prioritise some and deliver within the stipulated time frame. A good accountant will be known for their expertise in managing their time.

Great focus on their clients

Besides the many numbers that accountants have to deal with, they also come across their clients. Their numbers and work should not carry the attention they are supposed to give to their clients. A good accountant needs to have an understanding of their clients and the kind of services they need. Only then will they be in a better position to deliver the expected results.

Unassailable organisational skills

Accountants are not people who you will find clogged in one job. They could be working with five companies ago. However, they should be properly organised to deliver the expected results to every organisation within the given time. Besides, they must be good at keeping up with paperwork, figures, and related data. Nowadays, they must be in line with the latest accounting software system. They should conduct their research and organise their work to deliver the results.

They are creative

You can easily recognise a great accountant in Hervey Bay by just observing their creativity in executing a certain accounting job. It should be well known that every great accountant usually has creativity as their core trait in their jobs. If they cannot think out of the norm and the expected realm, then they are not good enough. A great accountant will come up with ideas that will solve the problem fully. Creativity is a must-have trait.

They are detailed

With being detailed, you will be surprised at the simple mistake that one will end up making. Numbers can be complicated if they are not given the attention they need. A little zero added or eliminated from a figure can distort a whole lot of things. What a missing comma or placed in the wrong place in a figure? This calls for accuracy when it comes to accounting. Most organisations rely on the success of the accounting department to run the organisation successfully. If the accountants in that department don’t have an acute eye of detailed information, then the organisation may collapse.

The above are some of the most important qualities that leading accountants must have. Now you know what to look out for. All the best!

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Accountant

It is quite possible that when you start working from scratch, you wish to follow in those certain footsteps and keep working on your own for every single detail in order for it to be perfected according to your needs. But it is necessary to appoint relevant people to do the job that they are experienced at. One such job is accounting that a person with no relevant experience can follow through with and should not follow through with because the foundation of your business can fall to crumbs if the accounting position is not managed suitably. It might cut a few of your savings but will help you make room for your accountable profits.

Taxing laws

These laws are changing constantly and you cannot possibly keep an update over how they keep changing periodically as you have your own work to do. These updates are marked by accountants with whom this field is very relevant. They know how to work through these laws so that they can prove to be beneficial for your aid. It will help you pay your taxes without having to dent your budget heavily.

Financial tasks

All the financial management tasks that you were too busy and stressed to handle can now be handled by your accountant who is experienced in the field. All the sales reports, dealing with people regarding loans and debts, managing bills and handling payees are all small tasks that can take up your important time but can be handled by an accounting official that is experienced with the knowledge that is relevant to these tasks.

Save time

Hiring an accounting official will only help you save time. This comes in handy when you have a bunch of tasks lined up for an important presentation or a meeting and you cannot spare a minute to deal with all the taxes and financial tasks. Does it not seem better to have someone help you with accounting at such a time? Yeah, trust me, it is better that you hire an individual from a small accounting firms perth to deal with such tasks while you do your work.

Comprehension of the financial needs

Getting an update about the organised financial details from your hired accountant will offer you with a complete satisfaction and comprehension of your own financial needs. You will be able to understand your business and the financial goals it can reach and will require to reach with the respective aims.

Business loans

Many people do not know this but an accountant can help you acquire bank loans. Bank loans are effective in reaching respective goals and aims of a business which may not be necessary at the moment but will come in handy sometime in the future. The accounting official will help in convincing the bank that the loan can be paid back.

Become a divorce lawyer in Australia

Becoming a divorce lawyer in Australia is a desire of many, in fact the average salary of a professional can reach up to 100 thousand Australian dollars . But the path to actually working is rather difficult.

Certainly the study does not scare a law graduate, accustomed to spending hours on books, trying to learn and understand various rules of our judicial system.

But before considering moving abroad, dreaming of stellar salaries, we need to do some reasoning.

The judicial systems, in fact, are not all the same, and by choosing another state, especially outside the EU, the rules could be very different. It will therefore be necessary to take other courses and obtain further certifications.

It is also true, however, that once the degree is obtained, even in Italy the course is not finished, on the contrary it begins the obligation of the apprenticeship and in the end you must take the qualifying exam.

The only difference, quite relevant, concerns the possibilities of getting your career off the ground , and of having very respectable earnings. In Italy the situation is certainly not the best, and after years of sacrifice the results do not come immediately, indeed.

The young lawyers trudge a lot during the first years of their career, also due to the strong competition present. According to statistics only a career lawyer matures enough to earn enough, even if he never reaches the levels of his Australian colleagues.

In any case, let’s try to understand what needs to be done to be able to complete their training and become a divorce lawyer in Australia, and what are the opportunities for professionals who have already gained experience in Italy and who wish to move.

Become a divorce lawyer in Australia: the English language

To some it will seem obvious, but a divorce lawyer must first of all have a good dialectic , therefore, before leaving it is advised to attend an English language course.

It is necessary to consider that in Australia a very high level of English is required , to study law, in particular the IELTS 7 or 7.5 exam .

The IELTS is a test created specifically to be able to work or study in English-speaking countries. It is recognized in many states, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and South Africa. It is useful to be admitted to university courses but also to enter a non-European country, like immigrants.

A score of 7 means mastering the language, and being able to formulate and understand a complex and detailed language.

Working as a lawyer in Australia: this is what you need to do

The profession of lawyer in Australia is part of the Skilled Occupation List, which is the list of professions required in Australia.

Like other professions of this kind, the most difficult part is to have your Italian university path recognized in Australia and have a very high level of English: to be a good lawyer it is essential to have an excellent dialectic.

In any case, our Italian degree alone (three-year or specialist) is not enough to work as a lawyer in Australia : we will certainly need to integrate university exams in Australia to bridge the differences between Italian and Australian legislation.

If you are already a graduate, you can evaluate two ways:

Bachelor of Law – requesting a credit recognition, thus shortening your course;
Juris Doctor – a postgraduate course useful for those who want to work in Australia in forensics. The standard duration is 3 years but with a complete application description of the subjects studied with us, you will surely receive recognized credits and from 3, you can decrease the number of years to 2.

Remember that the level of English required to study law in Australia is very high: IELTS 7 or 7.5.

Our recommendations are:

understand your real starting level (contact us to place a placement test); define together the duration of the English course based on the objective; attend an IELTS preparation course in Australia.
Having already had work experience in Australia, with relevant references, will surely help.

If you are a professional with years of experience behind you, but less than 35 years of age, we advise you to consider the idea of ​​an Independent Skilled visa in order to work as a lawyer in Australia .

If you are young law graduates wishing to work in Australia, it will be impossible to do it right away but, with a little patience and commitment, you will succeed in achieving your goals:

study English and get an IELTS certificate of at least 7.0.
apply to a Juris Doctor course (the best ones are offered by the University of Sydney,

The famous LLM or Master of Laws are excellent courses that will allow you to specialize in a specific area, but they are not very useful for visa purposes: if you study at least two years at an Australian university, you can request a Post Study Work Visa , a visa which will allow you to stay another two years in Australia and look for a full time job in your sector with a university degree obtained in Australia.

Contact us

So, contact us anytime to get in contact with the best lawyers. Leave us an email, visit us or contact us through our website, we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.